Our Products

We are wholesalers only. To purchase and or see our pricing you must provide us proof you are a business and not purchasing for personal use. (Click here to submit your info an get your login to access pricing)”link”

Our number one product we offer are Tiger Tec knives. We currently have these great selling OTF (out the front) automatic knives flying off more than twenty tool trucks in North Georgia. The margins we offer are very favorable. We are currently working on securing the rights to several other exciting products for resale that are already proven to work well on tool trucks with similar margins. Check back in OUR PRODUCTS section often

Be sure to check Laws For Automatic knives In the state you reside and sell in. https://www.akti.org/state-laws-regarding-automatics/

We are currently developing several new exciting products which will allow Mobile tool dealers to Merchandise, display and store products in all new ways. Helping you the tool dealer solve problems and sell more tools.