We have been a wholesaler for Tiger Tec Out The Front Knives since 2021. Our margin is more favorable than what tool truck owners are accustomed to dealing with. We currently have over 25 tool trucks selling Tiger Tecs in the Southeastern US and are growing rapidly.

What we have learned working hand in hand with these tool providers. The 3 model knives that fit the auto technician’s needs and budget the best are: The Defender, The Gladiator and The Warrior. However we offer all current model Tiger Tec knives, at similar margins including the higher end X5, X7 and fixed blade knives. Just contact us on those.

Our re-sellers unanimously agree that if you can find a little space to leave these out where your customers can pick them up and “play “ with them,(rather than lock them in a case) they will sell very quickly. Many dealers are selling 5-10 knives a day.


We Do more than Wholsale Knives!!

We offer custom products and designs for merchandising tools in mobile environments to meet your particular needs. If you have anything you would like to change on your truck or have any space you feel is wasted but don't know where to start, please contact us. spencer@tooltruckessentials.com. We work with several fabricators who have spent many years owning tool trucks and value our customer’s input to come up with a collaboration and a truly personal custom solution that you will love. We have the experience and expertise to do anything you want, from design a single display to remodel an entire truck. In Fact we are currently remodeling an older 22' Cab and Chassis for a customer who wants a more modern custom interior in a truck without the reduced reliability and hassle of any emissions complications that are common in new trucks. Be sure to check our gallery (coming soon) featuring exclusive displays and shots of the re-model truck in progress.


Tiger-Tec Knives

These knives are HOT sellers! OTF and Fix blade knives!


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